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Corporate Overview

Our core corporate value is our dedication

Max BPO was established in 1996, with one and only vision: Highest quality business process outsourcing services at an attractive price. We enable our clients to build feasible business models through outsourcing solution that upgrade competitiveness, intensity and development. We want enterprises to fulfil their goals and targets and capture new markets with our specialized solution.

Our strong team of professionals is dedicated to rendering services that help you to meet the challenges of a dynamic corporate world. We are focused on supporting every client with excellent ability, talent, innovation, work process and most particularly a team-work.

Our competency in serving our clients expands to Customer Lifecycle Management, Debt Collection, Customer Acquisition, Back-Office Operations, Mortgage Solutions, Data Capture and Management We have successfully served and serving the following industry verticals.

We have significantly invested in our extensive men-power, know-how, and specialized technology through building and getting the most ideal assets and devices to convey new substance-related capacities to our clients. Such investments helped us to put equity into client businesses directly, to help them grow faster and more reliably.

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