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Outsource Medical Records Indexing Services

Medical Records Indexing

We at Max BPO diligently manage Medical Records Indexing to ensure that practice should receive the deserved service & support. We make records management & retrieval quick & highly efficient for the team
Outsource Medical Records Indexing Services, Medical Records Indexing

The process of medical records indexing plays a significant role in healthcare industry. Storing patient's information that is extracted from demographic and treatment information in one place for easy access and retrieval. In nutshell keeping patient's data in systemic and well-organized way is called medical records indexing. In the US it is mandatory that the manual records relating to a patient must be kept by health companies for seven years. Now imagine keeping all that huge stack of patients' records requires a big record room above all the paper records can get damaged by wear and tear of time. Hence digitalization of patients records is a necessity for a healthcare provider and if records are being digitalized one must perform a process with a perfect indexing so that the records can be retrieved in future.

There are many challenges conducting a perfect indexing on a patient's medical records as it requires an expertise in addition to that unique software & technologies are vital for perfect Medical Records Indexing. Since the prime purpose of medical records indexing is to retrieveinformation as and when required. For instance, if you are going to file a medical claim; insurance provider may ask the information in various ways. If you have not performed a proper indexing on medical records you can't provide the same and it will increase the chances of eitherclaim denial in absence of proper information or you won't get the deserved reimbursement. The majority of claims are rejected due to the proper representation of medical records.

We at MAX BPO, assure you all success once you decide to use our service verticals. We are engaged in offering world-class outsourcing services to our clients in healthcare industry. Our professionalism and vast understanding of healthcare industry distinguish us from the others. Our policy of hiring only experts and professionals empowers us to serve you better. The key features to consider us as a reliable outsourcing company in India are as follows:

  • Get access of trained staff
  • Get access to unmatched accuracy rate of 99.5%
  • Get an access of smart way to reduce operating cost
  • Allocate your resources and staff for core business activities
  • Adherence of ISO 9001: 2008 for high quality
  • Stringent security measures to safeguard your information
  • 24/7 operations to offer time zone advantage
  • Drastic saving on operational cost
  • A great customer satisfaction

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