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Our Healthcare BPO Service spans around Medical Billing & Coding and Medical Collection Services.
Healthcare BPO Services

Healthcare is a fast growing industry and a highly competitive one for that. There is increased emphasis on providing fast and superior customer service to the patients, while ensuring compliances and embracing the latest in medical and supporting technology alongside to ensure business growth plans stay in place. Challenges that hold back business leaders within the healthcare industry include administration, customer care, revenue cycle management and adherence to compliance. Business leaders are always looking to focus on the core business of growing their business while at streamlining support services including maintaining brand reputation, the inflow of leads, managing databases, coding, smoother interaction with insurances and transcriptions beyond finance and administrative services. A lot of time and resources are spent on support services taking the concentration off the larger growth of business, hence healthcare outsourcing companies are fast becoming the obvious choice to save on rising costs and improving patient satisfaction rates.

Why are healthcare BPO companies gaining popularity? Is India the obvious choice for outsourcing to healthcare BPO companies?

Over the last decade or so, Healthcare BPO companies have been able to garner larger partnerships with medical care providers, as they are able to provide critical value in terms of saving costs and increasing efficiency and speed of processes. The vast know how gathered over the years across multiple countries in the field of healthcare enables the Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing firms to display value to the parent companies which are happy to gain from the benefits of partnering for outsourcing back office processes of healthcare. Healthcare BPOs help you in enriching your allocation of resources, increasing the performances of service providers, and optimizing business process with lower costs and better efficiency levels, and focus on your business for your greater good.

India is the preferred choice for healthcare BPO processes as it provides distinct advantages of hiring a multi lingual, well spoken team that provide efficient deliverables, working round the clock and at appreciable lower costs vis-a-vis an in-house team of administrators. Working 24x7 provides you the option of getting timely reports, live tracking of work in progress and working within your time zone or even have the option of a quick answer to a query when you need one. India with its educated and multi skilled IT-centric staff and with customized accents helps you with healthcare BPO solutions customized as per your requirements.

How does Max BPO fit in for your Healthcare BPO outsourcing needs?

Among a range of choices for healthcare BPO outsourcing companies, Max BPO stands out as a quality choice for your Healthcare BPO support. With over 22 years of BPO operations, being HIPAA compliant and being an ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, we are well placed as your healthcare outsourcing partner to help you through a number of healthcare processes. Let us view some offerings here.

Healthcare BPO Services

Specific accurate coding is necessary to help create patient portfolio and records, ensure the billing is streamlined and payments are accelerated to the doctors or medical professionals, and be able to point to areas within healthcare that need better focus and attention. As the compliances get stricter and more options of self-payments, risks connected with medical coding and then subsequently affecting medical billing increase, hence making outsourcing healthcare support the way to sustain business operations at lower costs while maintaining efficiency rates.
Revue cycles need to be streamlined to ensure that there are no missed payments, or inaccuracies in the same including checks on delayed payments, which can all hurt the revenue flow and business at large. Profitability and growth of the bottom line is the purpose of each business, hence there has to be greater importance placed on streamlining the medical billing and collection processes. Revenue cash management processes need a robust process including effectively managing billing and collections.
Long-term sustained operations are built on strong medical billing processes, including increasing efficiency in collections and optimizing any declines in reimbursements. Alongside these, HIPAA requirements are to be met as well and a number of subsidiary tasks of billing have to be aligned and conducted to ensure the medical billing system is in order and revenue generations have a smooth flow. Outsourcing medical billing to Max BPO ensures all this alongside the evident advantages of saving costs on your operations and getting tasks completed on times
The timeliness and accuracy of a charge entry within the medical process is critical as this decides and conveys the reimbursement amount to come in from the insurance payer. The charges have to be entered accurately as they are taken from the coded documents and then a clean claim is sent out to the insurance payer, which allows for accuracy in billing, timeliness of collections and overall a better cash flow scenario, leading to increased efficiency in overall operations.
Compliance requires a medical service provider to maintain all records of patients and related services. As the world moves towards digitization, paper is not an efficient model to follow with evident problems of storage, spoilage, or even running a quick check when needed. Electronic Health Records are in and Max BPO helps convert your documents into ECRs, while ensuring it is done at optimized costs and helps you with a smooth flow of operations and minimize hindrances. Let us take care of this laborious work of indexing medical records for you.
Converting and digitizing medical data is essential to the smooth operations of a medical service provider helping you with smooth operations, archiving and then tracing data when need be. We have processed millions of paper documents into digital formats over the last few years and our skilled staff ensure accuracy and efficiency in medical data entry in formats of choice.

Max BPO's business relationships are as diverse as the services we render. Today we proudly serve hundreds of customers in more than 30 countries, spanning 4 continents. Our partnerships & services transcend markets and geography - as does our commitment to serve the global success of your business.

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