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In the digital age, technology has surely changed the way we connect & communicate with one another. This has brought about a change in publishing too. Engaging people through digital channels is one of the critical methods to gain customers & also reinforce business relationships with them.

It is every brand’s dire desire to capture the attention of audiences spanning across different platforms & places. Although, this crucial task can be taken care of well by the in-house team, yet it is advised to outsource the task to a renowned outsourcing partner. When you trust an expert to outsource digital publishing services, you can be assured of great results.

Max BPO: Acknowledged & Credible Digital Publishing Services Provider

We provide state of the art digital publishing services with the help of essential tools & techniques.
Our committed professionals devise strategies based on the rich experience in supplying such services to a wide range of businesses & consideration towards your targeted goals.
As a digital publishing services provider, we can help you to drive more traffic to your respective business, generate leads, enhance sales & elevate your company’s reputation.

An Array of Digital Publishing Services We Offer


ebook Publishing & Conversion Services


epub Conversion services


Fixed Layout Conversion


Read Aloud Services


Mobi Conversion Services


Kindle Conversion Services


XML Conversion Services


Factors To Employ Our Digital Publishing


Comprehensive End To End Solutions

We deal with a whole range of digital publishing services to meet your business objectives with the quality exceeding your expectations.

Complete Transparency With Work

We maintain absolute transparency while conducting each & every step with respect to such services through updated reports

On-Time Delivery

Our capable team can scale up services in accordance with the changing needs, thus ensuring the steadiness & on-time completion of your project.

Save Money While Augmenting Output

You get to work with expert professionals who can deliver optimal results. Thus, the output is more plus you save money that you would otherwise have to spend on training or hiring new employees for the same.

Improve Customer Interaction For Better Profit

We have the potential to convert every interaction into prospective opportunities & thus, sustain long term business association.

Data Security & Quality

Our digitization service yields high-quality results with ensuring optimum level of security of data.

Input Formats We Work On

We are a leading digital publishing services provider. Our team holds the prowess to handle almost all types of input formats, consisting of:

  • Manuscript
  • PageMaker Image
  • Print Copies/ Hard Copies
  • Scanned Copies
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • Quark
  • Text

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