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With the world of evolution & a shift to digitization, businesses are adopting digitization in every realm. Manual invoices, forms, insurance claims, surveys, etc. were prevalent conventionally. With the switch towards digitization, the back-office tasks seem to have witnessed an upsurge. The management task increases manifolds which are inclusive of receipts, bills, invoices, & others. The data needs to be verified & organized in a structured manner. With advancements in business organizations are in search of approaches to help minimize their costs & increase productivity. This is where the need for an outsourcing partner to manage offline data entry services occurs.

Outsourcing offline data entry services with MaxBPO helps businesses in getting maximum benefits like reduction in cost, work efficiency, quick turnaround time and minimizing errors. Data entry project outsourcing to us helps companies focus on their core work and helps in maximizing profits. We have a team of expert data entry professionals that helps in optimizing the offline data entry process to give your 99.95% accurate and efficient data that helps in saving up to 50% of operation cost. We use modern technology and automated solution to ensure speedy deliver of projects within mentioned deadlines.


MaxBPO as your Ideal Offline Data Entry Services Provider

We at MaxBPO take pride in holding hands-on experience of more than 2 decades. The knowledge base acquired over the years & the proficiency gained has enabled the team to offer the best business solution to cater to the requirement of global clients. Our due diligent team holds the capability to work with even the more voluminous & complex offline data entry projects. We endeavor to surpass our ability & provide business with the best outcome.

MaxBPO main motto is to ensure customer satisfaction. We are a trusted and reliable offline data entry company operating around the globe with sales and delivery centers in USA and India. We follow a customer driven approach that means all your offline data entry tasks are delivered according to instructions and deliver high quality results. Our services are ideal for any business size and projects. Our data entry experts are having years of experience and are capable of handling large volume of data.

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Offline Data Entry Services offered by MaxBPO

  • Catalog Data Entry
  • Data Capture
  • Data Collection
  • Medical Records Data Entry
  • Offline Form Processing
  • Offline Data Entry from Websites, Image Files & Mailing Lists
  • Invoice, Orders, Bills Receipts Data Entry & Processing
  • Offline Entry for Insurance & Legal Documents
  • Handwritten, Printed & Scanned Data Entry
  • Business Card, URL Lists & E-books Data Entry
  • Directories, Journals, Newspaper & Magazine

Why Outsource Offline Data Entry Services to MaxBPO?


Our team is highly qualified to outsource offline data entry services and manage the task of checking, verifying and minimizing errors.


The highly secured, encrypted, and confidential approach is imbibed to ensure maximum security and confidentiality level of our client details.


We abide by strict privacy rules while handling the raw data. Assurance of adherence to ISO 9001:2008 for high quality standards.


Our skilled team ensures the data adheres to the format preferred and decided by you, entailing all the restrictions and limitations pre-arranged by you.

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Disclaimer : Beware of scams; Maxtech does not outsource any of its projects.

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