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The task of transportation and logistics require smooth and timely delivery of goods. Companies utilize digitization for better handling of documentation along with quick and smooth pickup and shipment delivery. Logistics data entry is an important process of the logistics industry. It includes handling and management of purchase data entry, bill of landing (BOL data entry), B3 form data entry, invoice processing, freight bills, and much more. The task of logistics data entry is cumbersome with the requirement of a high degree of clerical and technical competency. To ensure no additional cost is charged on the organization, it requires expert freight billing clerks to handle the logistics data entry process. Logistic data entry companies helps in smooth running of supply chain management thus increasing the overall all efficiency.


MaxBPO a trusted Global Logistics Data Entry Company

The change in technologies and upsurge in demand calls for logistics providers to offer enhanced logistics management service. Outsourcing the logistics data entry to MaxBPO helps transportation companies and logistics support providers with effective and quick management. Large volumes of data and documents need adept management and an effective task force to handle the heaps of data. MaxBPO provides business assistance and handles challenges for a considerable period on behalf of the organization. We have the highest state-of-the-art facility to make firm decisions. We improve the accuracy of logistics documentation and cutting down the cost and time in processing of logistics documents. With our excellent logistics data entry services, we strive to focus on the broader and long-term prospects and manage the task well from initiation so that no issue is encountered later in the lifecycle. We help companies in streamlining the flow of information and goods and ensuring faster and effective delivery.

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What sets MaxBPO apart from other Logistics Data Entry Companies?


Secure and scalable logistics business solutions. 100% Client privacy and data security measures for safety and security. We are an ISO 27001:2013 & 9001:2015 accredited service provider that meets stringent global quality standards in all its service offerings.


Expert freight billing clerks to ensure quick and accurate b3 form data entry, freight bill data entry, bill of lading data entry services, ocean bill of lading processing services and airway bill processing for smooth management of logistics business operation.


End to end logistics management with dedicated team of experts that handles the shipment project with an experienced project manager. 24 X 7 customer support from logistics data entry clerks. More than 25+ years of experience in logistic data entry to global clients.


Use of latest software and modern technology for logistics and transportation business. The competent staff ensures that the data entered possesses no error. Hence, increasing the reliability of data and allows correct logistics decisions and reducing the cost of operation.

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