Technology has advanced at an exceptional rate in the last few decades and its impact is seen in almost all the industries. All the industries and sectors have digitalized and this is also evident in the publishing industry as well. In the last decade, electronic documents have become more popular. This has given them the ease of accessing the data at any time and from anywhere. All of this has more or less made publishing outsourcing important and compulsory. Max BPO aims at delivering diversified BPO services to content developers and publishers globally.


Services Max BPO Offers to Publishing Companies

As the digitalization of the physical documents and books has more or less become compulsory, Max BPO offers BPO services for the same. MAX BPO addresses end-to-end requirements of document management solutions, online businesses, and e-Publishing industry. Our objective is to bring exclusivity to your company. We offer:

Conversion Services

  • We proffer the conversion of physical documents into electronic documents.with 99.95% accuracy
  • Adobe Acrobat documents to MS-Excel, MS- Word, PDF, HTML, XML, MS-Perfect, and MS-Access
  • Conversion of unstructured data into other digital formats utilizing cutting-edge technology. Formats include – PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, MS-Word, TXT, Dbase, FoxPro, SGML and several other formats

Electronic Books

  • Covert books to electronic documents without compromising the quality of the books
  • Streamlined transition to maintain speed and productivity
  • Transformation of content if the client demands

Included Other Services


Image and Document Scanning and Management


Processing of Financial EDGAR with stipulations


STM journals/ Books


XML/SGML file conversions in multiple formats


Data-based directories, reference titles, and catalogs

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24*7 assistance to customers and clients


Professionally competent team to offer the finest services


Customized services to offer maximum benefit to the clients


More than 2 Decades of Experience in Business Outsourcing

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