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Companies that handle the process of shipping products are often faced with the challenges of heaps of freight invoices. The freight audit and payment process is time-consuming and requires extra additional operational staff. Errors and indifference on the consignees, carriers and shippers and can add up to a significant cost and reduce profit.

It has been noted that the average internal cost of auditing a freight invoice is approximately $7 to $10, but if you outsource it to freight bill audit and payment company MaxBPO, this activity is only 5 to 10% of that internal cost. For post freight bill audit, we exclusively work on a contingency basis and charge you a certain % after resolving the discrepancy and for pre freight bill audit, we charge based on the audited invoices

We are an ISO 27001:2013 & 9001:2015 accredited freight audit and payment providers that meet stringent global quality standards and ensure complete data security. Our expert and experienced team will do freight bill audits, adjust, make the payment and will report and verify for accuracy. Outsourcing to freight bill audit and payment companies is the best way to freight invoice auditing and processing and can save dollars on your overall freight charges.


MaxBPO leading Freight Audit and Payment Providers

MaxBPO has more than 25+ years of expertise in freight audit and payment services. We use latest technology and modern process of verification and analysis of freight bills for the purpose of cost savings and deep logistical insights. Our freight bill auditing services give you complete peace of mind that every invoice is audited against your contracted rates and tariffs for accuracy and consistency to reduce shipping cost and inconsistencies. Our aim is to ensure that our clients are paying the right rates and gets timely refund on overpayments. We have successfully served as a freight bill auditor for years with having audited billions of dollars for freight invoice auditing and has emerged as one of the most reliable freight invoice processing service providers. We are adept at handling both, freight bill pre audit and freight post audit services.

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8-Points Freight Bill Audit System of MaxBPO to ensure you pay the right amount

Key features of MaxBPO Freight Audit and Payment Services are:


Any discrepancies in terms of tariffs, classifications, and discounts are all handled well by our experts. Our professional and experienced team checks for clerical errors and inconsistencies to ensure accuracy in the freight audit services for your shipment. Our well-trained auditors hold the expertise to handle invoices about any mode of transportation.


Increased efficiency and improved core business functioning of the organizational tasks. With our freight audit and payment services, we increase the reach of the organization and provide controlled costs. Over 85% of the claims we file get paid, that have higher success rates in collecting refunds on overpayments adding to business profit.


Secure data and client privacy is at our top priority and strictly flow data security compliance. We ensure that the company’s freight bills are examined, aligned and verified for accuracy as per industry standards. 24 X 7 accesses to freight bills and reports to provide transparency that allows you to make instant and profitable business decisions.


Save administrative and operational cost by outsourcing to MaxBPO, regarded as one of the top freight audit companies. We a truly global freight bill audit and payment experts as we knows the differences between the USA, Canadian, Australian, European and Asian market that can give you competitive edge to your logistics operations.

How Freight Bill Audit Companies can help you save on your Freight Bills

When a company is not able to track its expenses, it leads to them blindly over spending. Freight auditing helps to prevent this phenomenon from taking place. Freight bill audit companies take the responsibility of tracking the company’s expenses and letting them know about it. They also make sure to formulate accounts of future incomes and expenses. 

Sometimes, shipment companies might not deliver the required shipments on time or according to service agreements. This might cause issues in the logistics accounts. Freight bill audits and payment services make sure to either correct the accounts precisely or enter them based on when the shipment has arrived. The freight bill audits services are not done by an employee of the same company. 

It is usually done by a third party company (known as freight audit provider) whose main focus is to provide freight audit and payment invoice and freight audit services to primary companies. They’re main responsibilities are to hunt for shipment mistakes, errors found in billing of the shipment, misplaced tariff accounts and other misplaced or ignored payments or incomes in the accounts of the company. 

Freight bill audit companies prevent the primary company from paying extra to the shipping companies and rather, provide them with the measures of a quantitative assessment that helps the company increase the accuracy of their billing process and reduce on additional costs. 

With the increase in customer demand market prices and logistical rates, many companies are opting to get their freight bills audited by freight invoice processing companies. If you are also thinking about it, here are some benefits to help you make the decision.

Benefits of Freight Bill Auditing Services:

Do you have any idea about the benefits of a freight bill audit company? Let’s discuss few of them:

Freight bill auditing saves time and focus: 

Time and focus are some of the most valuable elements that a company looks for in its employees for the company to survive the frequently changing economy. A company needs to focus all its energy, time and attention towards the main factor for which it was established. 

Issues like over billing, issues in the shipping rate accounts and additional expenses only distract the company from its primary goal. A freight bill processing company will take care of these issues, therefore, letting the main company focus on its primary factor.

Freight bill auditing companies provide custom methods:

Every company has its own method of maintaining accounts. A freight bill auditing company provides each company with custom methods of auditing based on their demands. They ensure that every company has a freedom of choice regarding the methods of auditing.

Freight bill auditing helps in the reduction of expenses:

Like mentioned above, freight bill auditing helps in the reduction of unwanted additional expenses, errors in the accounts and over billing. They make sure that no shipment dealer puts forward an overpriced service and that the company doesn’t pay for that blindly. 

All this usually happens owing to the complex logistics systems. Some companies are not even aware that they have over billed or overpaid due to which they might incur major losses. Freight bill auditing ensures all this doesn’t take place, hence saving the company from major losses.

Freight bill auditing  companies dive deep into data to provide the companies with all possible facts:

Freight bill auditing companies make sure to find all the related issues and let the companies know about them. For this, they use complex and safe software and dive deep into the company’s accounts and logistics data. If a company has knowledge about the errors in its logistical data, then it can work on rectifying them with the help of the freight bill auditing company.

Freight bill auditing companies provide high clarity and support:

Freight bill audit and payment solutions providers are great support systems and allies for companies, especially private companies because it helps them remove all the chaos and confusion regarding their logistical accounts and software. 

When a company has highly technological software and expert auditors as its support system, it can focus on and reach its primary goal with complete ease and power through freight bill auditing services. These companies also provide their help by conducting freight bill pre audit and freight bill post audits also. 

Maintaining Freight Bills Audit and freight invoice audit regularly are advised to every public or private company, so that they don’t face any problems regarding their financial positions. The auditing is primarily advised to be done with the help of valid Freight bill audit companies because a freight bill auditing company provides a private or public company with top quality auditing services based on their own demands using latest technology and high level employees. 

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