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Outsource Freight Bill Auditing Services with MAX BPO

Organizations that handle the process of shipping products are often faced with the challenges of heaps of freight invoices and are also at times not capable to manage the task efficiently in-house. Freight bills are prone to errors that can reduce business profits. Errors and indifference on the consignees, carriers and shippers and can add up to a significant cost. A freight bill audit services can catch and eliminate these discrepancies and save you money. We work on contingency basis, as there is no cost to companies whatsoever unless overpayments or billing errors identified.

Freight bill auditing is a time taking and complex process and need expertise. Easy and timely tracking of your freight invoice processing ensure invoice accuracy. We have expertise to convert freight invoice into an integrated electronic format. We are an ISO 27001:2013 & 9001:2015 accredited service provider that meets stringent global quality standards and ensure complete data security. MAX BPO is one of the trusted freight audit and payment service providers for customized services to clients in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and other part of the globe.


Max BPO as Freight Bill Audit and Payment Service Provider

Max BPO is a leading freight bill audit company serving to logistics and shipping industries for over two decades now and has proved its position as a compelling freight bill auditor with state-of-the-art freight bill software. We have successfully served as a freight bill auditor for years with having audited billions of dollars for freight bill invoices and has emerged as one of the most reliable freight invoice processing service providers.

Our freight bill audit and payment solutions give you complete peace of mind that every invoice is audited against your contracted rates and tariffs for accuracy and consistency to reduce shipping cost and inconsistencies. We ensure that our clients are paying the right rates and gets timely refund on overpayments. We are adept at handling both, pre and post freight bill audit & payment services. Our strict security protocols at every phase through the cycle have proved to be one of the major advantages in processing efficient freight invoices. Outsourcing freight bill auditing services to MAX BPO will ensure that you are always paying correct amount for your shipments.

8-Point auditing system of Max BPO

Reason to choose MAX BPO for Freight Bill Auditing Services


Any discrepancies in terms of tariffs, classifications, and discounts are all handled well by our experts. Our expert team checks for clerical errors and inconsistencies to ensure accuracy in the freight bills for your shipment. Our well-trained auditors hold the prowess to handle invoices about any mode of transportation.


Increased efficiency and improved core business functioning of the organizational tasks. With our freight bill audit & payment services, we increase the reach of the organization and provide controlled costs. Over 85% of the claims we file get paid, that have higher success rates in collecting refunds on overpayments adding to business profit.


Secure data and client privacy is at our top priority and strictly flow data security compliance. We ensure that the company’s freight bills are examined, aligned and verified for accuracy as per industry standards. 24 X 7 accesses to freight bills and reports to provide transparency that allows you to make instant and profitable business decisions.


Reduce administrative and operational cost by outsourcing to top freight bill audit & payment company. We a truly global freight bill audit and payment experts as we knows the differences between the USA, Australian, Canadian, European and Asian market that can give you competitive edge to your logistics operations.

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