Don’t let Overdue Payments affect your Business Cash Flow

The world of business usually faces the challenge of cash flow. Our first party collection service helps companies globally by contacting customers early in the initial debt collection process by ensuring maximum cash inflow to business. Besides ensuring maximum cash flow and high debt recovery rate, companies need to maintain cordial relationship with the customer for future business.

The conventional procedure involves utilizing the in-house team for making calls to the customer, while over the course of time, businesses found this approach to be less lucrative and more cumbersome. Hence, Outsourcing collection recovery service to first party call centers emerged as a great boon.

Max BPO is a trusted outsourcing first-party collection services partner in the global market that holds the prowess to seamlessly handle the task of identifying, contacting, and reminding your esteemed customers well in time of the collection cycle. We have a team of well-trained professionals who fetch desired results employing acquired experience, strategy and a proven methodology.


Max BPO your B2B First Party Collection Service Partner

We have 20+ years of experience in first party collections for companies in USA, Canada, UK, Canada Australia, India and other countries. Our technology, team and processes helps companies globally in first party call center services. Our team adopts professional and ethical approach to the recovery of debts from the customers. B2B first party collection services to global clients supported by well infrastructure and skilled team of professional ensuring happy and satisfied customer base.

For the task of debt recovery, in-house experts are employed who offer adept first-party collection service, imperative to meet the business needs. We essentially work as your support team that is committed to providing you exclusive service with high-grade customer satisfaction. We have been a long-standing name in the realm of outsourcing service providers, and are accustomed to the nitty-gritty of the task.

Max BPO understands the sensitive nature of customers well and is aware of the fact that a wrong recovery or collection call can cost heavily to your business. Hence, a great deal of thought and effort is employed while offering first-party collection services, to ensure equitable and effective solutions without hurting the customers in any way.

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Reason to Choose MAX BPO as First Party Debt Collection Agency?


We ensure that debt collection service is maintained adhering to strict compliance with laws and ethical business practices. High collection rate of first party collections for our global clients. We work on No Win No Fee! Policy with our clients. We work on a contingency fee basis, which mean that you don’t have to pay us a dime unless we win.


The customer data is well managed with fastidious record-keeping being undertaken by our experts, to ensure we have a clear understanding of defaulters & regular payers.  We have a team of qualified and accomplished negotiators regularly trained with latest technology. B2B debt collection services claims of all sizes and nature.


We help you save time, & money by providing a dedicated task force for your specific business interest.  We offer first party debt collection services for credit card, automobile loans, real estate loan, medical, personal loan, business loan, student loan, unpaid cell phone and utility bills. Amicable debt collection services with healthy business relationships with customers.


24/7/365 first party collection services to small, medium and large companies globally.  Already providing first party debt collection services to different industries like banking and financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, travel, hospitality, automotive, energy utilities, logistics, retail and consumer, telecommunication and others.

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Disclaimer : Beware of scams; Maxtech does not outsource any of its projects.

Founded in 1996, with 500+ clients spread across four continents and 30+ countries. Providing business outsourcing services to mid-sized businesses, major organisations, and Fortune 500 firms in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the rest of the world.

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