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The fate & future of any business is determined by its task force & the qualified leader leading that pack. Max BPO is a global leader with an abounding years of industry experience. Meet our leaders who have been steering our ship in the right direction.

Praveen Kumar Pandey

Praveen Kumar Pandey Managing Director

As Managing Director Praveen Kumar is the pioneer spearheading MAX BPO. A graduate from Delhi University with a prolific experience of 22 years in the BPO Industry. He adeptly handles multiple roles in sales & marketing verticals. Being at the helm, he is the one providing vision & guidance to our expert team of professionals.

His keen eye towards details & effective management of the client relationships have been the reason for success. Praveen lends an ear to his customers with an uncanny knack of comprehending their business goals. His expertise encompass business & strategy development, operations, & performance enhancement. Based upon the assessment, he suggests scalable solutions that are sure to work for the specific demand.

Deen Bandhu

Deen Bandhu Director

As Director, Deen Bandhu has experience with a demonstrated history of working in the outsourcing industry for 20+ years. He holds a master’s degree in business education from Mahatma Gandhi University which has helped hone his skills in Operations Management, Sales Management, Team Building & Client's Attraction to the industry Logistics, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Energy & Utilities etc. globally.

A people’s person, he is an idealist who inspires people to be their very best. His inquisitive nature & the urge to know all that exists around him & in his range of interests has made him the one who knows it all. He is the person team looks up to.

Rakesh Kumar

Rakesh Kumar Director

Rakesh Kumar is the founding member of Max BPO. Kumar graduated from Delhi University in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Arts. He holds a very important position in the business functioning & supervise all the necessary tasks from planning, developing, implementing to monitoring everyday tasks, he does it all with no freckles. He devises strategies which hold the vision of growth for an enterprise, also identifies & implements process improvements.

He works closely with management to strategize & develop long-term plans that ushers in all new levels of productivity & success at Max BPO. Building & maintaining sophisticated relationships with his co-workers to make the correct decisions regarding operational activity & strategic goals.

Jay Vasantharajah (Toronto Canada)

Jay Vasantharajah (Toronto Canada) Director, Business Development

Jay, senior business development manager studies accounting/finance from the prestigious University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Jay hails from Toronto, while studying & working there, he learned about the marketing & commercial activities that are prevalent in the global market.

His past experience of working with Deloitte LLP as a Consultant in the Toronto Office, has helped him acquire skills & business management capability. He holds the prowess to adeptly manage & work though different verticals globally. His versatility with handling multiple industries worldwide & proficiency with fostering relationships with global clientele base from is sure to add in value to Max BPO.

Kuldeep Singh Chauhan

Kuldeep Singh Chauhan Manager, Project Management

Kuldeep brings with him over 17 years of experience with handling international projects. His position as the Manager is well justified by his role which focuses on developing robust project strategies & practices which will prove beneficial for our business services & diverse client requirements.

A computer graduate from Garhwal University, Kuldeep, has been functioning as the Head of Projects in various trades. His abounding management experience has been aiding the working of teams on remote location across the globe & has also managed to deliver technical & results-driven business solutions across a variety of projects.

Bimla Mehra

Bimla Mehra Project Manager at Max BPO

Bimla holds the position of Project Manager at Max BPO & is a graduate in commerce from Delhi University. With 18 years of experience Mrs. Bimla, is a proven leader with a track record of developing highly engaged & high performing teams with the experience acquired over the years. The passion, dedication & the prowess she holds has been the core strength which has helped deliver results-oriented solution. Her problem solving capability has made her the undisputed leader.

She is responsible for ensuring that all the projects are delivered on-time, within the scope & within a defined budget. A detailed project plan is devised by her which makes it possible to monitor & tracks the progress of various verticals. She head the project performance, specifically analyzes the overall successful completion of short & long-term goals of the business.

Geetika Vigamal

Geetika Vigamal Business Development Officer

Geetika Vigamal is the Business Development Officer who is responsible for driving end to end sales cycles including lead generation, lead qualification, sales presentations, technology demonstrations, account-based marketing, running simulations & evaluations on client site, commercial proposal submissions, contract negotiations, revenue generation, & account receivables.

A graduate from Delhi University with over 4 years of experience, she holds the task of developing a trusted advisor relationship with the client stakeholders, executive sponsors & proactively assess, clarify, & validate the client needs which is an ongoing basis & converts client needs into an enterprise contracts which helps meet the sales targets. Her prowess to work cross- functionally with the business development, marketing, technology, & finance team ensures timely & successful delivery of the solutions according to the specific client needs & objectives.

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