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Max BPO Provides Business Process Outsourcing Solutions. It Offers call Center Solutions, Back Office Services & Healthcare BPO.

About Max BPO

A Leading Outsourcing Company In India

With our core competency in managing business services for clients in Consultancy, Media & Entertainment, Logistics & Transportation, Banking & Financial, Automotive, Telecom, Utility, Retail, Healthcare, e-Commerce, Travel & Hospitality and Publishing sector.
Max BPO Outsourcing, as a leading BPO, has served more than 500 clients across the globe across multiple industries and countries since 1997
When you seek a leading BPO there are many parameters for you to judge quality. A HIPAA compliant BPO or one with ISO 27001:2013 or ISO 9001:2015 would best suit your needs for compliance, quality of delivery and experience while ensuring the security and privacy of your data. Over the last two decades, Max BPO Outsourcing has served more than 500 clients across a range of industries across continents covering more than 30 countries.

Leading BPO with varied experience

The industries we have served cover all major domains and our projects are proof of the skills and expertise of our team, allowing you to seek quality outsourced services across a variety of domains, thus saving you appreciable costs, time, efforts and helping you concentrate on your goals.

Call Center Services Providers, Healthcare, Logistic BPO, Data Entry Services, Back office support services, financial and accounting services

Benefits of hiring a leading BPO as compared to maintaining an in-house team?

Our team has served the globe, literally if we must admit. Serving a number of nations across the planet has provided us deeper insights into the culture and working of multiple domains and how they intertwine with local needs and expectations, thus allowing you to sign us up as your local partner working remotely. You gain the advantage of owning a team without actually having to recruit, train, supervise and retain it. This helps keep the expenses in control and getting deliverables as per desired quality and only pay for what you get and not bear the expenditure of running processes alone. The distinct advantages are quite obvious here. Let's take a look.

Pay for the deliverables alone. Your savings can be as high as 50% off your expenditure on a regular in-house team.
Get the advantages of having an experienced team without hiring one.
You do not invest in manpower resources including hiring, training, supervising, and retaining them.
You are relieved of the investment into technology. We do it for you. You still get the advantage of having one.
Working with us means you get the experience and expertise of 21 years, working across 50+ industries in 30+ countries.
  • A range of service offerings : A wide range of services are covered including Outbound & Inbound Call Center, Order Management Services, Telemarketing, Debt Collection Services, Customer Care Services, Data Entry & Processing Services, Data Mining Services, Products Data Entry, Freight Bill Audit, Medical Collection and Medical Data Entry Services.
  • Round the clock operations:24x7 reporting ensures you are never off your time zone and always ahead of the competition. You extend work beyond your work hours giving you a distinct edge over having an in-house team.
  • Dedicated resources : A dedicated team reports to you as and when you seek answers.
  • Due certifications that define quality : We are HIPAA compliant and are certified as ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015. This translates into quality deliverables and audits.
  • Focus on your goals :You get more time and resources to focus on core areas of business and move towards a large vision, than having to invest your concentration on non-core processes.
  • Elasticity of operations :Get the flexibility to expand and shrink operations as you need. You would not need to retain manpower when you don't need to, and still have the flexibility to expand operations at quick notice.
  • Stay ahead of your competition :You retain brand positivity and enhance customer retention rates when working with our team of domain experts.
  • Bespoke solutions for your business :Solutions are tailored as per needs. We do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions; rather take an individual approach for you.

Run a Pilot project or ask for a free consultation ?

We are confident that we can deliver the solutions our clients seek. Our clients over the last 22 years speak of our expertise and deliveries over a range of delivered projects. Our confidence stems from the fact that we have delivered solutions to over 500 clients in our journey of providing outsourcing solutions.
Let us connect to help you with a free consultation in your domain and the area you seek solutions for. We can present the numbers and the facts to help convince you of how you can save appreciable costs when outsourcing processes while maintaining a high quality of deliverables. The processes also allow you the flexibility to expand or shrink operations and paying for deliverables alone, and letting you focus on the business rather than within the business processes.
We are more than happy to showcase our skills and competences with a pilot project if you may like us to run one for you. There is nothing more evident than seeing the results for yourself and we would be willing to run a quick pilot project that helps you understand the larger benefits of a long term relationship of partnering with us and helping us serve you as your own extension.

BPO Solutions for small, medium or large businesses

When we say we don't display a partial attitude towards your size of business, we mean it literally. Over the last couple of decades, we have served small businesses, medium enterprises and large corporate houses. We have worked with unknown entities and with global brands and help provide custom solutions to each specific need. We are what we are today because we understand business and maintain our passion towards adding value to you irrespective of the size of business you hire us for.

Ask for testimonials for Outsourcing solutions

Our customers- past and present- speak for us and testify the deliverables provided across a range of industries and business verticals. Ask us to connect you to those who have benefited from our services anwe would be glad to do so.

BPO outsourcing in India ? how does it benefit you

With a large population of skilled workers available at a fraction of a cost, the reasons are obvious. You get the advantage of working with a team that is multi-lingual; willing to work round the clock, add its value in terms of domain expertise and wide experience, while using technology that is the latest in use within your industry. Round the clock operations ensure you get work done on time and stay ahead of your competitors. Quality certifications earned by us allow you to have confidence in our deliveries and checks on processes. Our numbers speak for themselves as we invest in manpower and technology as valuable assets to serve you custom solutions and deliver solutions that display the highest standards in quality and on-time.

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