Accounts Receivable Services

We are an AR outsourcing firm and our Account Receivables Service enable the clients to keep ledger in a better shape by establishing solid business frameworks.

Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

Our AR collection representatives are trained to comply with the federal, state and local consumer protection laws while dealing with account receivables.
accounts receivable services

The process of Accounts receivable is the most significant and valuable asset of a business function. Usually, businesses cater a lot of time, money and efforts in acquiring customers and to deliver them decent product and services. Businesses should ensure that they receive money in quick turnaround time to avoid bad debts because when the process of account receivable management is not expertly executed, the business cash flow minimizes and the burden of bad debts increases.

MAX BPOs accounts receivable services will ensure that all your customers pay on a timely basis and those who don't pay are highlighted. Our trained experts at MAX BPO will help you to gain an accurate scope of how your business is doing regarding managing and handling bad debts. We are known for streamlining your receivables by conducting a thorough follow-up that helps in generating outstanding invoices, sending timely reminders, discounting and negotiating with debtors to improve your cash flow.

MAX BPO Accounts Receivable Services include:

outsource accounts receivable services
  •  Accounts receivable policy set up
  •  Call to collect services
  •  Field Recovery Services
  •  Default and collection services
  •  Cash Application Services
  •  Collection enabled services
  •  Invoice dispatch and submission services

Why Partner with MAX BPO for Accounts Receivable Services?

MAX BPOs Account Receivable services enable your organizations to focus valuable workforce and other resources on essential accounting tasks instead of merely wasting time on managing collection activities. Our service levels exceed industry norms across various KPIs like Average Invoice collection timelines, Average Invoice submission timelines & Query resolution timelines.

We are experienced in implementing best practices for optimization of the Order-to-Cash cycle to assist clients in order to improve their cash flows and working capital position in a short period of time. MAX BPOs implements innovative approaches to effectively handle the Account Receivables function of its clients and to provide them with unique value propositions, apart from the regular benefits of better cash flow management and controls, savings on time & money.

MAX BPO Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services benefits include:

  •  We have 22+ years of experience in rendering accounts receivable management services
  •  We being an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001 certified company, we guarantee data security
  •  Our experts are trained to deliver timely billing services to the Customer
  •  We have a dedicated team that continuously follow up with the debtors for overdue invoices

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