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3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Outsource Freight Bill Processing

Posted by maxbpoblog Sep 05,2019

Process of freight payment and auditing services are always tedious and complex process to handle within an organization, as it requires resources and expertise who can handle the entire Freight Bill process such away that  increase the efficiency of the organization without overwhelming the financial obligation on Freight bill Processing. Basically a freight bill consists of details of shipment and other terms and condition pertaining to consignment and audit is needed to be examined and validating to pay accurately to the carrier.

There are numerous problems and complications are being experienced by companies in handling freight bills, to an estimation 3 out of every 5 freight bills, issued by carrier has errors, which if are not addressed, may cost company a considerable financial losses every year.  It’s a streamline process that extracts the relevant data from freight bill and makes an ideal freight invoice showing the adequate amount to be paid by consignee.

There are lots of challenges in auditing a freight bill with full of efficiency and adequate knowledge. For example drawing a freight bill always leaves a space for human errors, if transport agency or carrier doesn’t have appropriate knowledge on recording of fuel cost and doesn’t record about refund charges it may negatively affect the monthly spend of shipper.

In order to have a full-fledged freight bill audit unit within an organization costs a fortune to company, as you need to integrate an auditing system that ensure you pay the exact outstanding. If we add up all these costs, it will certainly bring the company cost to a certain high level that will bring the profit down. The company may struggle to meet the bottom line for long period of time.

The smart companies have found the most practical solutions to the above mentioned problems, by outsourcing their freight bill processing to some outsourcing agency who knows in and out of freight bill processing.

Here’s a glimpse of benefits of outsourcing freight bill auditing to an expert.

Automated process of auditing Freight Bills

Once your freight bills are digitized on a server to automate the system, with all inclusive parameters, like gas and flue charges, refund charges, and other relevant details, it checks the freight invoices in a very short span of time and gives a 100% accuracy. If you are going to save only 2-3% on your freight charges, then it will make a huge impact on your profit and bottom line.

Efficient usage of existing human resources

Once a company decides to outsource freight billing auditing, they do not need an in-house auditing wing, additionally, they can use their existing manpower in other core-activities and leverage the profits in coming years.

More Focus on Your Core Business Activities

A company is always perfect in its core business for example a Television manufacturing company is best at manufacturing TV sets but may not be expert in non-core activities like scanning, receiving and auditing the freight bills, these are certainly non-core activities for the company. Once the freight bill processing is outsourced, the company is free to focus on core business activities, in this case the manufacturing of TV sets.

These days the demand of an expert and efficient outsourcing agency who is equipped to render world-class and most efficient logistic BPO services, is on rise.  Most of the international companies always eye on Indian outsourcing companies to provide them Logistics BPO services at most reliable cost.

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