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Business Process Outsourcing is the strategic option to achieve cost reductions while improving service quality, increasing bottom-line and focusing on core specialties of your business.

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With unique global delivery expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure, Max BPO is competent in managing business services for clients in Marketing & Advertising, Market Research, Media & Entertainment, Logistics & Transportation, Banking & Financial, Automotive, Telecom, Utility, Retail, Healthcare, e-Commerce, Travel & Hospitality and Publishing sector.
Outsource your Call Center Services, Back Office Services, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare Support Services, Logistics Support Services & Digital Publishing as delivers the most effective, service-intensive & results-oriented services.

We bring one of the extensive workforce for Back office Services, Call Center Services, Healthcare BPO, Digital Publishing & Logistics BPO.

As businesses grow over time, the challenges they face are now different from those compared to times when they were still in their infancy stages. Be it SMEs or large businesses, they start feeling the pinch of managing resources at rising costs and also the fact that managing tertiary services takes a toll on their core business as they have to focus time, money and attention to non-core activities including call center services, back office administration, financial and accounting services, digital publishing and more. Business leaders often introspect if managing support and administrative services is what they set out for when they initiated their ventures. Saving costs and use of resources for non-core activities and managing these activities effectively is a challenge and a priority for the corporate leaders, which has led them to consider outsourcing. The outsourcing industry has thrived in the last decade and more, offering companies an option to manage processes remotely, yet able to save costs while delivering the expected quality.

Max BPO outsourcing acts as an extension of your business offering a range of services your business can gain from. Over the last 22+ years, we have serve a multitude of small, medium and large businesses across industries spanning the globe, thus giving us an envious edge over our competitors. Our experience and expertise in a range of domains offers you the opportunity to reduce your expenditures across multiple processes and get your teams to focus on the larger goals at hand, while we take the baton of processing non-core activities for you. Some of the value-added services we offer are listed below.

Call Center services, inbound and Outbound call center services

Call Center services

Cal centers are your face to the clients, be it support services or selling and up-selling opportunities to existing and potential customers. We help manage call center services using the latest in technology carrying the experience of running call centers over the last two decades, helping you grow your brand reputation, contributing to your revenue growth and providing vital feedbacks and analysis that helps you charter the way ahead. Be it voice calling or chat services, we customize processes to suit your needs.

From data entry to managing records or processing billing, invoicing or more, we stand by you to add value to your back-end services. This allows your teams to focus on the core processes thus leading to an appreciable rise in revenues as your resources get the opportunity to manage their time and attention in a better manner. Back office and administration are imperative to smooth functioning of the front end, yet do not have to be expensive or time-consuming. Let us do the hard work for you while you bask in glory over rising growth charts.
As finance and accounting gets more intertwined with the business plans and cash flow, businesses find it hard to manage rising costs and maintaining skilled teams to help process compliance and maintain a smooth sailing for the business. We cover a range of financial and accounting processes including the non-core activities of payroll management, invoicing, mortgage processing, tax preparations, accounting and bookkeeping, insurance processing, accounts payables and receivables and quality record keeping, providing you peace of mind.
As a business leader to move ahead and plan for the future towards your long and short-term goals, you need to run a multitude of support processes including data entry, market research and analysis, administrative works, personal assistance, executive assistant services, a virtual call center or phone, chat or email support services. You cannot be doing this all by yourself. Here is when we come in with skilled and experienced staff allowing you a back-end team that works exclusively for you. This allows you valuable help and allowing you to pay for deliverables alone.
Data is perhaps the most important element in a business process, be it for analytical purposes, research or as a tool used by the sales and marketing teams to gather leads, approach them with offers and try and prospect them into becoming valuable paying customers. Data mining may not be ever present activity and may be required in staggered intervals or for a certain campaign, hence investing full-time in-house resources for this may not be the best choice. Max BPO offers customized services helping you with timely accurate data when you seek it.
Data entry is a vital, yet non-core task. But this task defines your success and revenue charts, thus playing an important role in your business growth and sales figures. Be it manual, offline or online data entry services, just cut-copy-paste services, product data entries including e-Commerce catalogues and entries, directory keying services, document data entries, or images to be entered and stored, and document management services, we at Max BPO have skilled teams that work to provide timely data entry services so your plans stay in place.
Data is often gathered in various forms and formats, including voice, pictures, PDFs, scans or more. All of this may be not in usable formats and essentially will lead to considerable waste of time. Some of the data processing services include order entry and processing, purchase order management, indexing and archiving documents to be handy for later use and Order Processing. These processes ensure your data is processed and managed for you to be stored, used and managed or communicated when really needed, and in standard formats, that are easy to use.
Data is best used in formats that are easier to read and process. Hence businesses look forward to maximizing efficiency at processes by converting data into usable formats. Some of the services we offer within data conversion include, but are not limited to Data File Conversion ? XML, HTML Conversion, PDF Conversion, Forms Processing and Entry, SGML Conversion, E-Book Conversion and Document Conversion beyond e-Publishing services. So if you seek data conversion services, look no further as Max BPO provides bespoke outsourcing solutions.
With a mobile in literally each hand on the planet, and ane-readers, digital publishing has never held so much importance and reach as it does now. With a growing number of published books, authors and market places, it can be physically hard to print, store and sell your books along every section of the global populace, hence making digital publishing is a viable option. We offer complete Digital publishing services that allow for easy storage, selling and even version updates as you along your journey of publishing or spreading your word through journals if required at your workplace.
Over the last couple of decades, we have had the rare opportunity to work with 50+ industries, allowing us expertise in BPO services beyond a plethora of other industries including Marketing & Advertising, Market Research, Media & Entertainment, Logistics & Transportation, Banking & Financial, Automotive, Telecom, Utility, Retail, Healthcare, e-Commerce, Travel & Hospitality and Publishing sector.
Max BPO has many certifications as authentication to its quality and commitment including being a HIPAA compliant & ISO certified service provider various industry. Max BPO partners with you as the outsourced service provider which converts into multiple benefits for you including saving time, efforts and costs and moves alongside with you offering customized services ensuring compliance, smooth flow of operations, compliance and better customer satisfaction. While you do what you do best, we stay and work silently as your backend supporting you at every step of the way.

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