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We pride ourselves both in our debt collection & credit control results and our ability to maintain your reputation and relationship with your customers.

Debt Collection & Recovery

Max BPO's trained and skilled debt collection experts will work diligently to maximize recoveries and boost cash flow & enhance your customer experience.
Outsource debt collection services

It's a common occurrence that due to certain unpredictable economic situations customers face financial pressure or stress, and this, in turn, piles up their existing debt. When the debts pile up, customers delay their payments, and as a result, their outstanding bills increase drastically. During these scenarios, businesses are faced with the challenge of retrieving or collecting this owned debt within a quick turnaround time. This entire process of debt collection can lead the business to deviate from their core business aspects and waste ample amount of time and money.

The best way to ensure the pending debt are collected, businesses outsource the process to an experienced service provider. Outsourcing this process will increase the business efficiency as the service providers will implement a complete Account Receivables collection process. By establishing and improving the process of debt collections, businesses can reduce their burden concerned with bad debts and ensure that they increase cash flow to get back to the deserved position to attain success through productivity. We at MAX BPO, a leading debt recovery agency has over 22+ years of experience in handling such complex tasks and consistently provides quality and reliable debt collection services, which can help our clients to manage and organize these revenue-generating procedures effectively.

MAX BPO Debt Recovery services

Debt Portfolio Management

Our experts research high profile accounts by analyzing crucial information to reduce the occurrence of legal risks and to concentrate on developing strategies to improve debt collections.

Tracking Clients and Validating Data

We at MAX BPO mainly focus on increasing your recovery percentage by implementing unique debt management systems to provide you with information of the missing clients or hard to reach clients. We collect their important contact and credit generating details so that it's easy for you to reach out to them.

Debt Collection Call Center Services

We train our team on strict guidelines to ensure that they maintain and develop your brand value while professionally collecting debt. We provide our services round the clock to meet your objectives.

Various stages of Debt Collections

Collecting of debt from customers with a large number of debts is challenging, so we at MAX BPO, on your behalf provide them with restructured options to ensure they pay off their debt in natural methods based on their credit structure.

Debt Conflict Management Services

We have trained professionals to deal with dispute occurring during the debt collection process. Conflicts arise when a customer is contacted for collecting debt when he/she has already paid for. We ensure that these steps are eliminated and provide best possible results to develop your business.

We at MAX BPO have planned and developed latest technologies and software to help our clients in their process of debt collection. We understand the stress and pressure involved in the process of debt collection, so, we ensure that our clients have their situations adequately handled.

We have professionals specially trained to execute strategies that can help our clients to accurately calculate debts so that they don't commit mistakes during the process of debt collection. We strictly adhere security measures to ensure that clients information remains confidential.

We implement techniques and methodologies in our client's debt recovery rate by assisting them round the clock. Our priority is to ensure that we provide maximum productivity while offering best-in-class service & benefits.

Advantages of Outsourcing Debt Collection Services to MAX BPO:

  •  We have over 22+ years of experience in rendering debt collection services
  •  MAX BPO is an ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  •  We have trained our team to ensure they continuously work towards reducing your collection costs and increase the bottom line
  •  We have trained our team to ensure they continuously work towards reducing your collection costs and increase the bottom line
  •  Our teams of professionals have been trained to handle pressure while collecting debts, so as to that, the rate of misconduct is reduced
  •  We deploy teams who focus entirely and dedicate their time to reduce the collection cycle in dealing with a difficult customer
  •  We provide various recovery plans based on the customer's requirements
  •  We have an in-house customer service team to handle various and complex queries

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