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Finance and Accounting

Max BPO offer a full suite of services for the Finance & Accounting.

We offer a full suite of services for the Finance & Accounting

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From startups to SMEs and larger corporate firms, businesses are consistently evolving methodology to streamline and ensure smooth sailing within the Finance & Accounting processes. But costs are on the rise and skilled professionals are harder to hire and obviously expensive to maintain, thus more and more CFOs are looking to outsource the process either in part or full. As the outsourcing industry grows in numbers and size for finance & accounting services, more and more companies are looking at the options of Finance & Accounting outsourcing companies in India.

India, with its large populace and skilled workforce, and largely considered savvy in IT and finance comes across as a viable option for finance & accounting services. When business leaders seek to outsource financial accounting services, they consider a number of factors (read challenges), including the below, which contribute to their final decision of finalizing the apt offshore accounting services.

Finance and accounting outsourcing is primarily motivated by the need to reduce expenses and this is perhaps the most important factor in consideration by the business leaders before they outsource financial accounting services. If similar results could be achieved by in-house teams at a similar cost, the very idea of finance and accounting outsourcing would be defeated.
Is outsourcing for real? How does the idea to outsource financial accounting services actually display results, especially when accounting as a process has always been thought of primary business activity with appreciable reluctance to let that data be seen or processed by a business process outsourcing unit. Can an offshore accounting services firm be trusted with sensitive data?
The finance & accounting services of each firm are unique in their identity. Each CFO looks at the finer details of his team's strength and challenges within the accounting processes to gauge what to outsource. Business coordination and accounting have to merge to make this outsourcing model viable and profitable. Setting accountabilities for outsourcing is important to its success.
Would the experts of offshore be aware of processes and compliances that need to be followed when running the finance and accounting process from a remote location? Fines, loss of face value and disruptions in processes are a huge threat if processes are not followed and regulations not adhered to. Business leaders and CFOs are constantly worried if outsourcing firms can actually comply.Looking at the above challenges, it is imperative to closely analyze the finance and accounting outsourcing firm before signing the dotted line. The right fit between the parent company and the offshore accounting firm is necessary, and so is the security of data, along with a mutual understanding of needs and the finalization of the right communication channels to ensure that outsourcing reaps the benefits for the company and not lead to any confusions or disruption of processes.With over two decades of handling finance and accounting services, Max BPO outsourcing is well placed to offer quality deliverables that are the right fit for your custom accounting needs and offer you a range of advantages. Before we browse through the USPs, let us look at some offerings (listed underneath) of Max BPO Outsourcing in the area of finance and accounting services.

Developing strategic finance functions to help clients with Accounting & Bookkeeping, Finance & Accounting, Account Receivables & Payables & Claim Processing

  • Financial Analysis services
  • Financial research services
  • Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping processes
  • Payroll services
  • Tax Preparation Services
  • Invoice processing services

There are distinct advantages of outsourcing Finance and Accounting services to Max BPO Outsourcing, some of which are listed here.

Affordable custom solutions

55% to 60% lower costs and customization to your firm's unique needs ensure you pay only for deliverables and not for the related process expenses.

Skilled and dedicated workforce

An experienced team that possesses expertise in finance and accounting processes spread across industries globally works solely for you.

Favorable time zones fit your schedules

Working 24x7 ensures you get your work delivered timely, say completing tasks by the morning even when allotted at the end of your shift.

Latest in technology

Working with companies globally and this being our core process, we invest in software and technology so you don't have to.

Flexibility of operations

Whether you need a larger workforce at a short notice or slow down transactions at some point, our teams provide the elasticity to make changes at short notice.

Assured confidentiality and security

Data is strictly shared on a need-only basis, thus assuring you of secrecy and security of your data. Latest in technology alongside audits ensure privacy.

Focus on your goals while we run your processes

Allowing Max BPO to run your accounting and financial processes allows you more time, money and resources to focus on your larger goals of the business.

Lets us run you through our seamless processes that ensure quality and speed of delivery, leaving you with a thought of why you hadn't considered this process earlier

Requirement Analysis

Our experts analyze your needs and specifics as the first step.

Execution of a pilot project

Yes, we will execute one for you if you need us to showcase our USPs.

Confirmation of pricing and proposals

We finalize deliverables and the distinct pricing advantages for you.

Sign the Service Level Agreement

Allow us to design the communication channels for processes.

Initiate the project

The dedicated team starts work on your processes and deliverables.

Project Execution and management

We ensure on-time delivery of processes including audits and checks.

Ongoing reporting and feedbacks

24x7 reporting channels to help answer queries and get your feedback.

Finance and accounting is your backbone, and yet you really don't have to bear the heavy costs of hiring and maintaining resources and manpower for the same. Let Max BPO help relieve you of the stress as we take care of your finance and accounting processes. The process of outsourcing reaps amazing benefits compared to maintaining an in-house team of experts, allowing you to pay only for deliverables and keeping the costs appreciably low. Allocating your processes to us ensures we run your non-core process, while you focus on what you do best and allows you that peace of mind and resources at hand to concentrate on growing your business. Come, reap the benefits of letting us run your process while maintaining the high quality of deliverables while safeguarding your data and working alongside as a reliable partner to help you towards the larger vision.

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