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Through integrated program and extensive experience, we help our clients with Email & Chat Support.

Outsource Live Chat Support Services

Enabling Email & Chat Support functions to meet customer satisfaction.
Incorporating chat support ensures your customers get quick answers. Live chat outsourcing can help save costs and maintain brand influence.
Outsource Chat Support Services

As the world goes digital, customers seek quicker answers from brands when they are browsing for solutions. If a potential customer is unable to reach you in quick time, you are more likely to lose an opportunity to sell. You need to be omnipresent when your existing or potential clients are browsing your services or seeking support. There are a number of reasons why live chat support services add so much value to your business.

Faster response equates to more leads

The quicker customers get answers they seek, they are more likely to develop a favorable impression of you and seek services. The window of opportunity closes as soon as the potential lead leaves your website.

Faster resolution to objections

Allowing a customer to vent out his challenges or grievances also provides you with the opportunity to resolve and commit, thus helping you gain more confidence in any obstacles to a potential sale from a lead.

Better brand positioning

Live chat is not always provided by a majority of the brands. When you are able to provide real time answers, customers are more likely to buy from you compared to your competitors, thus filling in your cash registers.

Contact Forms are slower

Contact Forms are cumbersome to fill in, according to a number of customers and do not always provide quicker answers, hence live chat is more convenient, faster and allows real time human connect, thus giving you an edge

Manpower is getting expensive by the day and maintaining an in-house team of live chat support services has its own challenges. From hiring, supervision, training and retaining staff to finding the right talent or expanding when your operations need more space due to a new launch or festive season or expansion plans can all be challenging in a fiercely competitive world where you are looking to keep your operational costs low. You need domain expertise in chat support, without having to deal with bloated expenses and still maintain a higher quality of customer satisfaction and a consistent inflow of leads, while of course, maintaining positivity around your brand.

There is a range of chat support services that Max BPO Outsourcing offers to numerous reputed organizations globally.

Inbound customer service

Let us provide you chat support with faster than expected turn-around times, while seeking opportunities for revenue generation.

Customer Care

From dispute resolutions or complaint management to customer loyalty management, live chat support, we act as your extension.

Live web chats

Be it a proactive approach or responding to an inbound web query while the person is still online, we help provide quality solutions as your representative.

Technical Support and troubleshooting

Providing post sales support is imperative to a brand's image. As your outsourcing partner we resolve technical support concerns and quality troubleshooting support.


Telemarketing helps you improve on your revenue cycles and generate quality leads within your targeted potential audiences.

Billing Support

Let us help your customers with billing issues including payment resolutions, applicable discounts, choice of packages and more.

Lead generation and Lead follow-ups

We run the full cycle of lead management from identifying and qualifying potential leads within the targeted customers and then ensuring follow-ups till closure.

Order Management services

We help in cost optimizations and high customer satisfaction; we are well placed to process the complete order management from a quote to the fulfillment of services.

Live chat outsourcing - evident advantages

Working in multiple domains of chat support services and backend solutions, we at Max BPO are well placed to help you with your custom needs and ensure excellence in service delivery thus ensuring brand positivity among your customers and ensuring you save appreciable amount on your expenses. So as you look out for the perfect partner to outsource live chat support, you can be rest assured that Max BPO Outsourcing fits the requirements with its multi-lingual skilled manpower with years of experience in a number of varied industries globally, including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, UAE, Oman, South Africa, New Zealand, Italy, and Spain among others.

There are a number of evident reasons to choose Max BPO Outsourcing and some of them are listed as below

Local expertise and understanding

Working across geographical boundaries gives us a clear edge over our competitors while also providing you with a higher rate of customer satisfaction and better revenues.

Experience and expertise

Experience helps our team react to situations more effectively also allowing for identification of better opportunities for sales and reacting to grievances.

A dedicated team without hiring one

Project Managers and dedicated teams assigned to you allow you the liberty of having a team for your process without having to invest in one.

Checks and audits ensure quality and security

A dedicated hierarchy for regular checks beyond internal and external audits ensures your data is secure and the highest service standards are adhered to.

Appreciably save costs

Most organizations save 55 - 60% on outsourcing chat support services when compared to hiring and retaining an in-house team for the process.

Round the clock service presence

What better to offer your customers than a 24x7 team dedicated to addressing their concern and getting solutions anytime they seek answers?

Use of latest technology

Updated technology used in call centers and chat services ensures your customers get a superior experience and quicker response and you get a better analysis.

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