Outbound Call Center Services

Our cutting-edge outbound call center services help businesses to reach right parties or potential buyers to leverage new level of operational benefits & efficiency.

Outbound Call Center Outsourcing

Our unique solution offers Outbound Call Center, Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Outbound Sales & Outbound Survey Services
Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound Call Center Services are considered as a tool for organizations/businesses to generate prospective customer leads for their business. MAX BPO as a unique Outbound call center provider offers its clients market research, product promotion, surveys and data verification services amongst others to businesses. MAX BPO is a leader among various business process outsourcing companies. We at MAX BPO have state-of-the-art technology and robust infrastructure to manage all our projects efficiently. Not to forget, we are also equipped with latest facilities like predictive dialer, ACD, IVR, softphone, voice logging and call recording across all our contact centers.

MAX BPO Services has the expertise and skilled workforce to set up and manage large outbound call center services. Our call center experts are well trained and proficient enough to handle large volumes of calls in a professional manner. The trained experts are further provided with in-house training starting from greeting the customers over the phone, calls pertaining to surveys, lead generation, verifications, collections, and sales.

We at MAX BPO provide specialized outbound call center services to our clients to help them take advantage of market opportunities and create new avenues for growth. Our experts at MAX BPO help clients reach potential customers in a cost-efficient manner. By partnering with us, clients have been able to significantly reduce their marketing and advertising costs and improve their organizational bottom-lines.

Our unique solution offers Outbound Call Center, Telemarketing, Lead Generation, Outbound Sales & Outbound Survey Services

Appointment Setting

It has been a vital call center service for years. The tasks that are included in this service are fixing office appointments, reservations and service schedules for multiple forms tasks.

Cross Selling and Upselling

MAX BPO provides Cross-selling and up-selling services to help its clients to expand their market and also facilitate them to improve their growth.

Telemarketing Services

Enhanced customer service for clients through our unique telemarketing services. We ensure that we progress in a way to meet our client's target seamlessly.

Market Research & Survey

Avail our extensive research services to enable clients to attain business excellence by conducting market research and surveys as they are essential to gather vital information, identify current trends, to realize customer buying patterns and understanding competitors and potential areas of growth.

Product or Service Promotion

MAX BPO provides exclusive product and service promotional support to customers through Tele-services. Our services inform, remind and persuade customers to buy a particular product or service.

Lead Generation

Generate leads by scaling your efforts and also by reducing the costs at the same time. Our experts are trained to deliver the best result within a quick turnaround time.

Max BPO has over 20 years of experience and expertise in providing outbound call center services globally. We are an ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 27001 certified company and our deliverables are always of highest quality. Partnering with us at MAX BPO helps clients to focus on their core business functions and profitability, while our experts effectively manage their call center, customer relationship, market research and several other critical business management functions. Hiring our services at MAX BPO as your preferred outsourced call center partner offers multiple benefits.MAX BPO is trusted by customers across the globe. We serve you as our main priority; you can save your efforts by training one of us and watch how it gets multiplied. We conduct frequent performance checks & our best customer relationship management made us one among the top trusted companies in the Market. Moreover, our experienced call barging and monitoring services will enable us to have the track of the process. We ensure that we develop a mock call habitat and on-floor training to help the workforce to provide quality service to the customers.Our experts have uniquely developed a skill-based report that meets the customer needs. We are where we are today because of our script analysis, modulation, and pitching which is based on the Customer's Interaction. Our report and analysis team of professionals maintain a healthy relationship with all customers to make them feel special and happy.

Advantages of Outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services to MAX BPO:

  •  We have 22+ years of experience in Outbound call center services
  •  We at MAX BPO have trained call center workforce.
  •  Our experts ensure that work round the clock to provide quality service
  •  We render our service to make that we reduce your financial cost.
  •  We implement and make use of advanced technology in all the services that we carry out.
  •  All our services that are catered are based on the best industry practices.
  •  We have immense experience by working across various industry verticals

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