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Administrative Assistant Services

Max BPO understands the broad objectives of hiring Virtual Administrative Assistant.

Our Virtual Assistant assists a specific person with their daily business or personal tasks.

Administrative Assistant Services

Administrative Assistant Virtual Services to Make Life Easy

In isolation, office administration is a function adding low value. However, you are going to feel the financial heat in case of non-renewal of licenses of critical software or unpaid utility bills. Employing administrators full time is an expensive proposition because there are long stretches without any tasks or sudden task surges when some of the tasks remain untouched based upon the priorities.

Under or over staffed offices is no longer a problem because you can hire administrative assistants in India for the required services. We offer the following services:

Our highly qualified team of virtual assistants in India have high professionalism, work ethics, interpersonal, and technical skills. We believe in working as a team. Our assistants would take distractions away and now you can keep focus upon things that matter. Offload a wide variety of things on the virtual assistant and this includes CRM management, appointment setting, reservation, booking, follow-ups, social network account management, and calendar management.

Besides this, you can also depend on our experts for personal tasks like purchase of online gifts, travel arrangement, and reservation bookings among others. Business owners might think that they can manage the daily tasks easily but together things like time sheet and payroll management, update of business license, software license renewal, employee reimbursement, and HR task handling might prove to be too much.

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