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Outsource Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing

Max BPO's Medical Billing Expert delivers accurate result so that the billing is accurate and the healthcare service provider gets paid on time for the services rendered.
Outsource Medical Billing Services, Medical Billing Services Company

In the recent past the health care companies are more inclined to outsource their medical billing services comparing to the last five years. Since the process of medical billing is a kind of complicated as well as time consuming process, every health company prefer to outsource billing services to some experienced outsourcing company to increase more focus on their core competency. There are numerous reasons behind outsourcing medical services as it has been noticed since years that health care industry has lost a considerable stake of amount for many years because of many complications involving in medical billing process like wrong coding, omitted charges, errors in coding and under-pricing etc.

MAX BPO is one of most demanding Indian outsourcing company. MAX BPO is HIPAA Compliant and an ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certified company with maximum success rates in getting medical claim reimbursement.

Besides these several challenges in medical billing likewise Denied Claims & Rejections due to wrong coding or incorrect information of patient, healthcare provider & insurance provider. Due to such errors in healthcare industry loses around 12% to 15% every year. Above all it has also been noticed that even after your filing claims in right manners insurance companies don't pay in full amount for one or another reason and in most cases hospitals don't reclaim.

If you outsource your medial billings to an expert like MAX BPO, you will have a complete peace of mind, we will be your partner in your success for sure. We have brought a considerable revenue to many of our clients in healthy care industry who have had outsourced their medical services to us. We know the challenges in the processing of Medical Billing and are well equipped to conquer these hindrances and we are bound to bring more revenue to your business by making your medical billing most convenient and workable.

Why US?

MAX BPO is a HIPAA compliant and an IOS 27001:2013 or ISO 9001:201 certified company, having a vast experience in catering healthcare industries for a long span of time. We understand the healthcare industry like nobody else. We virtually play a role of a mediator between you and the insurance provider company. With our most experienced staff in the industry we assure you that most of your claim will be rewarded as per procedure. We have got the expertise, state of the art technologies and guaranteed solutions to all of your problems in medical billing system. Our strong presence in more than 30 countries make us undisputed leader in industry. Our exceptional performance has bestowed us with more and more clients in last few years. With our spectacular approach to the problems of our clients has paved the way for us on an expansive ground. We thank our existing clients for making us partner in their growth. Just visit our website www.maxbpooutsourcing.com or write an email, we work 24X7 to deliver uninterrupted services.

  • Shift Focus On Patient Care
  • Reduce Billing Errors, Rejections & Denials
  • Accelerate Cash Flow
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Ensures Compliance

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