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Outsource Medical Collection Services

Medical Collection

Max BPO's perfect blend technology and expertise enable us to participate extensively in the process of recovering overdue medical bills and bad debts from former or present patients
Outsource Medical Collections Services, Medical Billing and Collections Services, Outsourced Billing and Collections Services

Collecting outstanding balance from patient is pertinent for the financial condition of your practice thus medical collection service is the most demanded services in health sector. Almost every third health company outsources its medical collection services. There are many factors that are very crucial that make a healthcare provider to decide outsourcing. The rising cost in healthcare sector, enforce employer to select high deductible health insurance plans which shifts financial responsibliltiies to the patient. Now patients are accountable to meet with the larger portion of healthcare cost. This generates a substantial population of patients who can not meet with their healthcare costs. Now it requires considerable time and resources to settle unpaid bills. It can cost a company a good amount and in addition to it, the company cannot focus on their prime task, taking care of their patients. The fact is that around 10-15% revenue is lost by health companies every year if they try to recover the debts themselves. Companies not only bear loses but also obliterate the relations with their patients but also lose their efficiency too. If a company cannot focus on its core objectives, it will soon be a company with financial loses. There is an unbelievable fact that the top most reason for US people to file bankruptcy is medical debts. So in this way health companies lose a considerable stack of amount every year.

There is a better alternative: outsource your medical collection to someone who is specialized in debt recovery. Choosing an appropriate partner makes your job easier and efficient. We at MAX BPO are expert in the process of pursuing payments of debts owned by individuals or businesses. We have developed a more focused medical collection strategy to help improve the collection, reduce costs, save time & maximize resources.

We are a HIPAA compliant, we are aware about all the norms set by HIPPA. We are the most transparent company that discusses each and every step of progress and process with its client regularly. We understand the value of keeping your patient's information secure and we abide by all the terms settled between us and our prospective clients. Above all our "FREE-TRIAL" policy keeps us distinguished from others. Not only we provide you maximum debt collection but also ensure that your clients will keep a healthy relationship with you even in future too. We have enrolled industry's best minds on our payroll that ensures you that your collections are in right hands. We are equipped with latest software, technologies, human resources that form a team that always win. We are the choice of most of medical companies around the globe.

The key benefits of medical collection.

  • Successful Debt Recovery
  • Frees Up Resources & Time
  • Flexibility
  • Get Access Of Experts & Technology

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