Customer Acquisition and Retention Services

Max BPO partners with firms that need to drive profitability & reduce cost to serve. It requires transformation across the Customer Acquisition & Retention.

Customer Acquisition Outsourcing Services

Max BPO focuses on helping companies through customer acquisition, retention, advanced analytics and domain-focused solutions.
Customer Acquisitions Services

MAX BPO's strategic customer acquisition and retention services are crafted to carry out professional campaigns to acquire new customers thick and fast. We are driven by a team of trained and skilled professionals, and we execute our customized campaigns based on a complete understanding of our client's target or precise demographic.

We thoroughly understand our client's audience as it is the key to develop our campaign strategy. Understanding client helps us plan accurately, and to capture the exact data and prepare the right script for our client's targeted audience. We make sure to involve our client's sales and business development teams in all our planning stages to ensure our teams have the perfect view of the kind of information required to produce positive outcomes. This entire procedure helps our clients to be consistent with their messaging and to develop the credibility of their brand.

MAX BPO's Customer Acquisition and Retention Services

Generating Sales and Leads

Whether it's cold calling, lead generation or qualification; our team of trained and experienced professionals at MAX BPO can handle calls on your behalf and transfer only the most qualified and prominent leads to your sales pipeline.

Verifying contacts

The success of a business hugely depends on the verification of all the business information required for distinct functions. We at MAX BPO offer best in the market CRM verification services. We not only verify data but also develop a result-oriented database which is effectively comprised and processed with contact details.

Documenting and processing orders

We at MAX BPO can help you set up a full-fledged call center team to receive, process and manage all inbound sales orders from various channels. You can also use our team to take care of order status monitoring and updating clients through SMS, email or a scheduled call back.

Scheduling appointments

If you're planning on streamlining the process of appointment requests in a productive way, then MAX BPO is here to help you out. Our team can help you track schedules of your expert's availability and ensure maximum utilization of resources.

Cross-sales and up sales

Our agents at MAX BPO have substantial experience in cross-selling and up-selling, they can help to introduce unique techniques at any stage of the sales process to increase sales and enhance the value that a particular customer gets from a purchase.

Why Outsource Customer Acquisition & Retention Services to MAX BPO?

We at MAX BPO have a robust planning process to integrate your telesales services with other sales and marketing activities. We ensure that we set clear goals and approaches in the planning stage so that the executive can control the direction of the call and move the sale forward.

We always focus on attaining accurate data because we believe successful targeting is not something that one can blindly go about doing, but speaking to the right decision makers this is one of the unique differentiators that set us apart from our competitors. And to ensure this, we carry out qualitative and quantitative research on a regular basis.

When you outsource customer acquisition and retention services to MAX BPO, you'll get access to skilled and trained sales personnel who understand the importance of creating credibility and relationship. Our agents are prepared to talk intelligently around the structure of the script and focus on what makes your business unique to your customers.

Advantages of Outsourcing Customer Acquisition and Retention Services to MAX BPO:

  •  We analyze and develop effective sales strategies to increase profitability
  •  We have an in-house trained and experienced sales team that can crack the deal with complex issues.
  •  We at MAX BPO have a highly skilled customer service team who can provide excellent benefits.
  •  Our teams of experts at MAX BPO have particular and domain specific expertise to provide useful insights.
  •  We have 22+ years of experience in the field of Customer Acquisition and Retention services.
  •  MAX BPO is an ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2015  certified company.

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