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6 Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Posted by maxbpoblog Sep 05,2019

As businesses face unique challenges including financial crunch, the changing face of the business environment and the evolution of industries with disruptive models coming through, many businesses are looking to outsource their non-core fields within their structure to optimise efficiency, cut costs and have more time to focus on what they do best. In short, the focus is on the business, including operations, growth and expansion rather than managing chores. The non-core areas of work often include activities like digital publishing, digital marketing, data processing and Catalog management, call centres, accounting and bookkeeping services, research and virtual assistant services. The number of Business Process Outsourcing units have seen a big jump in the last 2 decades, and outsourcing units have sprung up geographically including countries like India where the manpower is skilled, organised, experienced and yet manage low costs in operations.

Account and bookkeeping outsourcing is no exception to the scenario. Finance and Accounting BPOs until 2014 had already generated revenues of USD 25 Billion globally and continues to rise till date. Fintech has emerged as a new trend in F&A crossing $12 billion in 2015, disrupting important sectors including mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising and even asset management. This has inspired many forms to look at technology in an inclusive manner when transacting with Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing, thus allowing them the advantage to reap greater benefits. A good Bookkeeping Services Company allows you the freedom to concentrate on your core tasks while it affordably manages your Finance and Accounting in an efficient manner using a pool of resources that specialise in Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

Large and small businesses are learning the Advantages of Outsourcing Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, a few of which are listed here.

  1. The cost effectiveness of the pricing model

Among the many models at work, there are a couple of them which have gained popularity. A Full-time Employee model allows you to pay as per time and the resources used by the BPO, thus ensuring a fixed price, and allowing for efficiency on delivery of services. A transaction price model allows you a greater freedom and elasticity to use resources and pay for the time they worked, thus allowing you to save costs when needed and get larger work done when you need to, without hiring internal resources. Another pricing model, the gains model allows for sharing gains between the outsourcing firm and the service provider, thus enabling you to get better efficiency in certain processes which were hard to achieve with in-house employees. The Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing arrangement is a win-win for both the parties involved.

  1. Methodology and Technology increases efficiency while outsourcing

You may not have the technology to use and as a business would find it hard to keep upgrading technology with time. Albeit for a Bookkeeping Services Company, this is its core task and its clients are retained based on the resources it has. As a customer you get the advantage of using technology without having to actually pay for it via a big dent in your pocket. The technology used in reporting and real tome tracking of employees also allows you the freedom to pick up your service provider from anywhere in the globe, thus allowing more cost savings.

  1. Bespoke solutions allow for custom workflows

It is always best to avoid blanket solutions and go for a bespoke model. This allows you the freedom to get work done based on your own custom models. Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing allows you to get the flexibility and elasticity in processes when you need it most, thus allowing for your needs and compliances to be fulfilled without trying too hard.

  1. Security of data and information

Sometimes, it is harder to secure your own employees but rather have a better control when the process is outsourced. The finance and bookkeeping BPO service providers offer layers of security on your data and its transfer, thus allowing you peace of mind. The audits and checks are frequent, transparent and you are secured.

  1. Lesser risk of losing employees quickly

The aim of outsourcing is to leverage the resources of the service provider, thus you would not need to worry about hiring, training and retaining in-house employees for the processes. This allows you to focus on your core tasks rather than human resource management.

  1. Concentrate on your core task of operations and growth

Offering quality services to your clients and manage operations in a better manner, while looking at growing the revenue model requires your time and attention, which you would have in plenty when your non-core task of Accounting and Bookkeeping Services is off your shoulders and is being looked after by an external firm. This also allows you to increase the valuation of your firm as you are now more focused and the profitability starts to grow alongside.

The advantages of  outsource bookkeeping outsourcing services to a quality Bookkeeping Services Company are plenty. Considering this option could greatly increase your business in the manner you would like it to! Profit is what you set out to achieve when you started the business, and this option to outsource allows you to focus right on that goal rather than working within the business on non-core activities.

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