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Manage the late-paying customers by outsourcing accounts receivable management services

Posted by maxbpoblog Sep 13,2021

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Collecting your own money from customers is a tedious task. However, committing mistakes undesirably can be disastrous for your business.

Many a time, we struggle in collecting our dues from the customers. Even if you are a reputed brand, your customers will make excuses in payment. Due to such customers, the cash flow position of the company falls. They cannot pay their creditors. It defames their reputation in the market. Even you might be at fault for the delay. While it is impossible to escape from such bad apples, minimizing their number is an effective way to manage your accounts receivable services.

Here is a list of mistakes that you make to encourage the debtors for late payment:

accounts receivable outsourcing

  • Offering a Single Payment Method:

If you are offering a single payment method, your customers might become uninterested. Besides, there are busy people too and have their priorities. If you only accept cash or cheque, they might forget to write it to you. Today’s era calls for online payment options. They are quick, safe, and accessible anywhere.

  • Credit Policy:

If your credit policy is too lenient for debtors, it will increase the overdue accounts at your hand. Extending credit to incapable customers can lead to bad debts. Take a look at your credit terms and conditions and revise if necessary. Examine every application and filter out the inefficient ones. It will help you create a quality customer base. There are various accounts receivable outsourcing services providers to serve you in such situations.

  • Early Pay Incentives:

When your customers pay before the due date, they expect some incentives from your side. Offering lenient but not too deep discounts will encourage the customers to pay early. With the help of top accounts receivable outsourcing companies, you can devise suitable plans.

  • Late Payment Penalties:

Like incentives, it is necessary to penalize those who pay later than the decided date. However, it should not be visible only on paper. Strict enforcement of such rules must take place. Otherwise, customers might become lethargic.

  • No follow up with customers:

Sometimes, you might forget to follow up with the customer. It might also omit their mind to pay you. A simple reminder for both parties might help in receiving the overdue bill. It might be hard manually. But, with automation of the accounts receivable process, the software will remind the customer automatically. The accounts receivable outsourcing companies can carry out these operations for you.


It is necessary to analyze your policies and efforts if you struggle to collect payments. More often than not, we are partially at fault. After getting a clear picture of the scenario, you must take action. By hiring a third opinion, you get a clear picture of these mistakes. MaxBPO is among the top accounts receivable outsourcing companies. It helps the struggling firms through highly qualified and competent staff. After analyzing your receivables structure, they guide you in the right direction.

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