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Find the Hidden Cash by Outsourcing Freight Audit and Payment Services

Posted by maxbpoblog Oct 10,2020

freight audit and payment

Freight invoice is a detailed bill. It includes information about transportation of a company’s goods from one place to another. It comes along with its weight, charges, names of shipper and receiver etc.

But according to Rick Erickson, global director of Freight Payment Solutions at Minneapolis-based US Bank, out of 10 freight invoices, only one is accurate. And due to this, thousands of shippers are facing loss because they are spending a huge amount of money.

This makes the shipper outsource freight bill auditing services to the experts. These freight bill audit companies help to catch invoice errors. They make sure that the shippers can save between two and 15 percent of their total freight expenditures.

Why outsource freight bill auditing services?

Freight audit and payment services can help companies to ensure that they are paying the correct fees for the services they need. From this, they can also track where their dollars are going.

Freight audit service providers help the shipper to catch mistakes quickly. They have specific knowledge and sophisticated technology. It leads to cost savings and efficiently manages the entire process of transportation expenses.

In addition, when companies outsource freight auditing services to the third party, shippers can focus on core competencies, not auditing invoices.

Hence giving responsibilities to the freight bill audit companies ensures you more accurate results as compared to in-house shippers.

At the end of the day, freight invoice processing analyzes invoices more efficiently, quickly and reduces your expenses. It provides you with a crystal clear view of your logistic data while saving your money.

Therefore outsourcing freight audit services to the companies are not only beneficial for the businesses to streamline their process. It is also profitable from a budgetary perspective.

The overview of the write-up includes how shippers are spending more money and facing loss in their businesses because of freight invoices errors. Hence outsourcing services to freight bill audit companies help them to catch errors quickly and provide knowledge where the shippers are spending their dollars.

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